Creating a Space for All Seasons: Designing Multi-Functional Outdoor Areas

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Sep 30, 2023 7:30:00 AM
Brett McCutcheon

Creating a Space for All Seasons Designing Multi-Functional Outdoor Areas -blog

Multi-functional outdoor areas certainly are popular, but do you know how to design spaces that your clients will love? Multi-functional spaces require planning and organizational thinking when designing the layout.

It's also important to use the right tools for the project. The Splitless.Decking.SCRAIL® systems from BECK are specially made to allow for rapid installation when creating boardwalks, footpaths, decks, and more. The blunt tip of SCRAIL® nail screw fasteners helps prevent the wood from splitting either in the top layer or the layer below. This reduces waste and wasted time, allowing for a faster and more efficient installation process.

But before you purchase tools, here are several key factors to consider when embarking on the design journey for multi-functional outdoor areas.

Divide the Space Into Zones

Know your client's goals for their outdoor spaces and landscaping, then divide the spaces into zones. Dividing spaces into zones with multi-level decking and wooden walkways can help you ensure that each section will serve its particular purpose.

Shade Lounge Areas

Shade is important for comfort amid a hot summer. Create sophisticated shade with a wooden pergola to ensure that your clients will be both comfortable and comforted by the attractive new outdoor space you've designed.

Add Artificial Lighting

Outdoor spaces remain underutilized after dark unless equipped with sufficient artificial illumination to ensure safety. To address this, consider suspending lighting fixtures from the pergola above, incorporating lighting along the stairs for secure traversal, and installing lighting fixtures on the railing and other vertical surfaces. This thoughtful incorporation of proper outlets will effectively enhance the functionality and safety of the outdoor area during evening hours.

Install Cook Areas Near Seating

Outdoor cooking areas are incredibly popular and practical. Cooking outside on a beautiful day is more enjoyable, and it's easier to host large groups in an open backyard than indoors. Find out from your client how many people they'll be cooking for when you're designing a kitchen area. Larger groups need larger meals, which means more countertop space, a bigger grill, a larger refrigerator, and more.

When installing an outdoor kitchen, take care to install features that are weather-safe. A granite countertop, for example, is durable and fade resistant, while quartz countertop can become discolored by the sun. Help your client choose the right materials for a long-lasting kitchen.

Install Heated Areas

Some places get chilly at night, and that can limit the use of your client's outdoor space—unless they've taken precautions to heat the area. Ask your client how many months of the year that they plan to use their outdoor deck or patio, then install outdoor heating units if appropriate.

Bring the Outside In

Just as outdoor living space has become very popular, it's also becoming common to install bi-fold doors that open the house to the outdoors. Bifold doors are a popular option among homes built in a contemporary style and are a good option for clients who like to entertain.

Choose the Right Tools for the Job

Just as it's important to guide clients in the direction of design choices that will meet their goals, it's also important to choose the right tools to accomplish your goals. The SCRAIL® Splitless System is available in stainless steel and FasCoat®, and always comes with BECK’s patented diamond coating for maximum holding power. Plus, this nailer is convenient for building a deck and other multi-functional outdoor spaces.

The Splitless.Decking.SCRAIL® system comes in three different models, to help you find the right product for your needs. It is designed for comfortable installation of long-lasting fasteners in your client's decking material. Contact us today to get started with your order.SCRAIL Splitless Decking

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