Dreaming of Summer – 5 Tips for Planning Your New Deck

Posted by April Clohessey on Mar 17, 2016 10:00:00 AM
April Clohessey

hidden scrailIt may still feel like winter in certain areas but sunnier and warmer days are not too far away. If a new deck is in your future, or if you are going to be contracted to fix or build a deck for a homeowner, then now is the time to start thinking about key features to suggest for deck designs.

Ultimately deck planning comes down to seeing the layout of the available land and architecture of the house before crafting up ideas. But there are a few features to be mindful of when the time comes to draw up the plans.

(1) Storage: Depending on the height, decks can offer a lot of space underneath. Consider keeping access to that space for storage. Homeowners often wish they had seasonal storage after the fact.

(2) Lighting: Low voltage lights add style and functionality to decks. They can create a peaceful ambiance at night, while fulfilling both safety and lighting needs. It’s best to decide what type and how much lighting will be needed upfront.

(3) Electrical Access: Think through the usage of the deck for the entire year. A deck may not be used over winter in a cold climate, but will it be decorated with Christmas lights? Will you need power for speakers or portable electronics in the warm months and don’t want extension cords running all over? The placement of outlets is key to think of ahead of time.

(4) Deck Railings: What will the view be from the deck? Railing material and design shouldn’t be overlooked. If the deck looks out over a visual point of interest like a pond or lake, people don’t want to stare at solid posts. Consider using other options for railings such as glass or metal that won’t obstruct views.

(5) Built-Ins: Furniture and shade features like a pergola can add style and space-saving features. Again, it’s important to think ahead to the type and quantity of items that will be placed on the deck. These features can be added down the road, but if built-ins can be done initially, you’ll save more money in the long run.

After all careful planning is put into the perfect design, who wants to look at deck fasteners? The focus should be on the beauty of the new deck and scenery in the yard. That’s why we’ve created the hidden fastening systems that have become so popular in today’s decks. The InvisiDeck® Hidden SCRAIL® System offers a picture-perfect deck without visible fasteners!

Watch the Video:  SCRAIL InvisiDeck Hidden System


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