Improve Your Next Commercial Fencing Project

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Sep 19, 2022 2:10:50 PM
Brett McCutcheon

Improve Your Next Commercial Fencing Project

 Commercial fences have an enormous  amount of practical and aesthetic  value. Aside from surrounding property in a definitive, visually pleasing, and even cozy way, they also provide first-line security while being affordable and easy to build.

 If a client requests to have a fence installed, in addition to offering them a variety of design options, make sure you install them correctly with the right tools and techniques to make the final product last as long as possible. In terms of tools for both speed and robust construction, BECK's brands are excellent examples of what simply works. The FASCO® (a BECK brand) F46A and  FASCO® F70G fence staple guns both deliver performance that's ideally suited for rapid, flexible fence construction. Particularly for deeply embedding and countersinking staples of up to 45mm (1 - 1 3/4") into pressure-treated wood and hardwood construction materials.

 Using these powerful staple guns can make your fence assembly flow smoothly, rapidly, and safely while you also keep in mind several other crucial tips for completing the overall job correctly. Let's get down to those now.

Offer The Right Materials

Fences for commercial properties come in all shapes and sizes, and often differ from residential fencing options. What you offer your customer will depend on a balance between their aesthetic needs, security needs, and the nature of the landscape in which you're going to build. Commercial fencing options include the following materials, which all have their benefits for different contexts:

  • Chain Link Fence: Easy to install, affordable, extremely durable, and very easy to secure with additional materials.
  • Vinyl Fencing: Vinyl is extremely flexible when it comes to colors and styles, making it perfect for clients who want a pleasing fence that lasts a long time.
  • Aluminum-framed Fencing: Commonly called Alcuf fences, these structures come together from a sturdy range of aluminum framing styles into which wood boards or boards made from other materials can be added.
  • Commercial Wood Fences: Pressure-treated wood and hardwood can both be used to create durable, weather-resistant fences that are made entirely of wood. These fences offer a simple style that's both practical and visually pleasing.
Keep Security in Mind
Not all commercial fence designs have high security in mind. But wherever possible, try to make it important for your client's property. This means optimizing for a height that offers privacy and protection while ensuring that the fence is installed sturdily enough to not be easily breakable. You should also leave design room for future security enhancements like automated gates or razor wire.

Never Forget Aesthetics

How straight you lay out a fence, how well you conceal it among elements on the property, and how well you place it for minimal intrusiveness are all factors that you should consider and consult about with your client in advance. This also means offering fences that fit the style and purpose of your client's property. For example, if you're building a fence for an outdoor restaurant patio, select materials that fit the surrounding décor and atmosphere.

Plan Carefully Before You Build

If there is a single broad piece of advice that applies more than any other for commercial fence installation, it's the importance of site planning. This means several things that fit together:

  • Measure the perimeter carefully and make sure that the property line is professionally marked off to keep you from accidentally building on someone else's land.
  • Know how many gates you'll need before you start and carefully mark off their locations.
  • Cement your fences firmly and sturdily. For most fence types, this means placing their posts at least 20 inches into the ground and reinforcing them with concrete.
  • Know where utility lines are and avoid them when digging holes for your fence supports.
  • Make sure that you know what the relevant regional or municipal codes are for fence height, materials, and appearance. Not every location allows all types of material or fence height.

Use the Right Tools

Any fencing job you work on will require a range of professional power tools that make the job flow smoothly. BECK's large and powerful selection of power tools for nail and stapler injection is uniquely suited to fence installation projects of any size.

For metal or vinyl fences, BECK offers numerous strip nailers and staple guns. When it comes to wood fences, BECK's F46A and F70G fence staple guns are uniquely suited for penetrating boards and posts with their patented diamond-coated precision divergent point staples. The staplers themselves offer superb balance, high penetrating power, and specially designed noses that are specifically designed to work well with fencing projects. Check out the video below to see these tools in action!

Watch the Video: BECK Fencing Stapling Systems

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