The Role of Fastener Selection in Ensuring Structural Integrity

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Aug 18, 2023 10:01:05 AM
Brett McCutcheon

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When it comes to structural integrity, there are two key components to consider: The actual structural members themselves—like lumber, steel studs, or concrete—and the fasteners that hold it all together. Fasteners are crucial because the wrong fastener can create a weaker structure or one that fails long before it should.

That’s why we’re going to explore how to make the correct fastener choices for different applications. Along the way, we’ll show you many of the fasteners that BECK offers for these purposes.

Fasteners for Concrete

You likely know that when you’re doing concrete work, you need nails and screws specifically designed for concrete—but you may not know the reasons why. In most cases, it’s because fasteners designed for use with concrete feature specialized features, like hardened coatings, extra tough threads, or corrosion-resistant coatings. That’s why you should choose fasteners like these concrete pins for concrete work—because you’ll need the extra strength to drive them without damaging the fastener.

Fasteners for Wood

In most cases, builders use metal nails and screws designed for use with wood when they’re building wooden structures. To ensure the build’s strength and durability, BECK’s patented Diamond Coated fasteners are the solution. The coating ensures a bond which is formed with the wood fibers, resulting in better holding power.

But if you’re working with wood-to-wood, metal fasteners are not the best choice. There are a few things that make LignoLoc® Wooden Nails a superior choice for applications like mass timber construction or other types of wooden construction.

First of all, these nails are sustainably made—and they’ll help you produce a more sustainable build. You may not want the look of metal nail heads whereas LignoLoc® fasteners blend better with the surrounding wood that they’ve been driven into. Lastly, these fasteners create an incredibly strong bond through a process known as “lignin welding.” This means that as you drive each fastener, the lignin in the surrounding wood heats with friction, melts, and resolidifies to form a stronger connection.

Fasteners for Roofing

Among BECK’s lineup of roofing fasteners, you’ll find products like SCRAIL® RoofLoc® plastic sheet strip fasteners. What makes these and other, similar types of fasteners appropriate for roofing jobs? Part of the answer depends on the roofing material.

Roofing fasteners like the SCRAIL® RoofLoc® plastic sheet strip fasteners feature EPDM rubber washers—and these are made for waterproofing, particularly with metal roofing. When you drive these fasteners in, the washer creates a seal between the roofing material and the fastener head that prevents moisture from seeping in around the fastener.

When You Need Fasteners, Choose BECK®

There are many different kinds of fasteners out there for almost every different type of application—and each offers its own set of benefits that contribute to structural integrity. But no matter the application, BECK is almost certain to have the fasteners you’re looking for. Wood, metal, concrete—there are fasteners available for these materials and more, plus fasteners featuring a variety of different coatings for resistance to corrosion, rust, moisture, and other environmental concerns.

Ready to find the right fasteners for your next job? Follow the link below to browse our selection.

Our Complete Line of Fastener Options

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