Holiday Gift Help: Pneumatic Tools Are Terrific!

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Nov 25, 2023 7:15:00 AM
Brett McCutcheon

Holiday Gift Help-Pneumatic Tools Are Terrific

When it comes to fasteners, there are two ways to apply them: With traditional tools (like hammers, screwdrivers, and drills) or with pneumatic tools. Pneumatic tools might seem like a hefty upfront investment since you need both an air compressor and the tool system, but the truth is, that investment rapidly pays for itself in the form of labor savings.

Contractors using pneumatic tools can knock hours off the job with pneumatic fastener systems—and that leads to less money spent on labor, and maybe even savings that you can pass on to your clients.

The advantages are clear—but which fastener system should you get? Whether you’re treating yourself or shopping for a great gift for your favorite contractor, read below for a selection of innovative tools and systems from BECK.

1) SCRAIL® InvisiDeck® System

This is the system you need if you want to take your decking business to the next level. Modern trends call for seamless decks—and that includes decks that use hidden fastening systems. The SCRAIL® InvisiDeck® System delivers not only a blind fastening system for that seamless look but also lets you apply fasteners up to five times faster!

2) ET&F® Model 710CD Coil Nailer

Looking for ways to make concrete foundations more efficient? The ET&F® (a BECK member) Model 710CD Coil nailer, gives you the speed of a pneumatic tool—and it’s powerful enough to fasten into concrete, which saves lots of time and effort compared to using a hammer drill and concrete screws. Even better, while many concrete tools are extremely heavy, this nailers pneumatic design means it weighs more than two pounds less than comparable gas-powered tools.

3) LignoLoc® Systems

The LignoLoc® Wooden Nail System from BECK is the perfect gift for the builder who focuses on sustainability and mass timber construction. This is a unique fastening system that uses compressed beech wood nails instead of metal fasteners—and the LignoLoc® name derives from the way these fasteners work. As the pneumatic tool drives each fastener, the friction heats the lignin in the wood, which then cools and forms a strong bond, making for incredibly durable joins.

4) ET&F® Rockfast® Model 620

Contractors working with steel construction need the Model 620 coil nailer. This nailer comes with a lot of advantages, including the fact that despite its power, it is small and lightweight. Nail into steel with the same speed and ease that you would with a nail gun into wood. It offers micro adjustments so that you have perfect depth control to create the desired finished look.

5) FASCO® F50

Want a versatile tool that can fire a broad range of fasteners? The FASCO® (a BECK member) F50 is the right choice. With this tool, you can use 15-degree plastic sheet coil nails, 15-degree wire coil nails, 15-degree wire coil SCRAIL® nail screw fasteners, and 15-degree plastic sheet coil SCRAIL® nail screw fasteners. It’s the ultimate companion for just about any job! It’s also a lightweight tool with an intelligent design that allows you to place fasteners quickly and with the utmost precision.

Find the Perfect Pneumatic Tool for the Job at BECK

Looking for the right tool for your line of work, or the perfect gift for the contractor in your life? BECK has many more pneumatic tools to choose from, including nailers and pneumatic tools for roofers, subflooring, masons, finish workers, home builders, and much more. If you have a job to do, we have you covered!

Each will save you time, effort, and money on the job. Compared to traditional tools, pneumatic fastener systems let you place fasteners much faster, and with greater ease—and that lets you get the job done faster and spend less money on labor hours.

Want to learn more about the advantages of pneumatic tools compared to traditional ones?! Click below👇 to see the comparison between the two.Download the White Paper: Benefits of Pneumatic vs. Traditional Tools

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