How Many Quality Deck Builds Can Your Crew Handle at Once?

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on May 14, 2015 12:02:44 PM
Brett McCutcheon

How Many Deck Builds Can Your Crew Handle at Once? As the mercury rises, so does the stack of construction orders for outdoor decks. Daily living changes as the weather breaks, and the only place people want to be is OUTSIDE. Today’s customers are willing to pay for a high quality, beautiful deck, but they want it to be flawless.

The competition, as you know, is fierce when it comes to deck builders. Timing is everything and clients want it done yesterday. Old fashioned deck building techniques won’t work to get you through the backlog of orders and onto the next deck. Time is money and money is money.

To stand out among your competition, you have to be willing to provide a good quality deck, at a fair price, using the highest quality materials and you need to be able to deliver all of this NOW. So how do you get through the backlog and provide a great quality deck that’s constructed with high end fasteners that will last for many years to come?

The BECK Fastener Group® has created a line of deck fasteners that will guarantee rapid installation and decrease the need to come back to service a deck which has developed cracking or splitting. The SCRAIL® line of deck fasteners has many advantages over traditional screws and ultimately provides a quick and easy installation, moving you along quicker to your next order.

The line of SCRAIL® deck fasteners manufactured by the BECK Fastener Group®, including InvisiDeck® and BeckDeck®, are just a few of the fasteners they offer to get you through your projects quicker.

Consider these benefits:

  • BeckDeck® - This double threaded deck fastener is designed to eliminate the "volcanoeing" or "mushrooming" that happens when traditional screws are driven into composite materials. The second thread pulls the displaced material back into the hole with the SCRAIL® creating a more snug fit and a flat, finished surface.

  • InvisiDeck® - This deck fastener system creates a completely smooth finish with no visible fasteners. Designed to be used with grooved boards, it can be adapted for use in non-grooved hardwood or composite materials with the use of BECK's groove cutter. The clips and SCRAIL® are installed under the deck's surface and hold tight without being seen. This system allows for close and consistently spaced attachment of one deck floor board to the next while leaving no visible deck fastener heads. There are three main components to this system: the innovative SCRAIL® fastener, the I-CLP Clip, and the pneumatic SCRAIL®er installation tool.

  • Reduced labor costs - all of the SCRAIL® deck fasteners, and the fasteners that are manufactured for other uses, like SteelThread SCRAIL® which is designed for use in applications where aluminum and steel joists are used, can be used with power-driven pneumatic tools. These tools make installation quick and easy, twice as fast as using collated screws and at least eight times faster than using hand driven bulk screws, saving labor costs and allowing you to make your customers happy by finishing on time.

  • Remove, readjust and reuse - all SCRAIL® deck fasteners are designed in a way that allows you to remove them without damaging them or the material they were driven into. This means you can easily deconstruct any portion of the deck to make adjustments, repairs, or to ensure a thorough paint job. It can then be put back together without the need for new deck fasteners. This could ultimately save your company a great deal of time and money.

If you are a distributor, speed of installation is just as important to you as it is to your contractor customers. You can provide a great value to your contractors by offering a wide variety of SCRAIL® products to help get them through their projects faster.

All of the BECK Fastener Group® product lines were created with one goal: to make it easier and quicker to complete projects without sacrificing quality. So during their busiest deck building times, you can provide your contractors with a vast line of products to help them move quickly to their next client. Let’s face it, there’s not a contractor or distributor out there who can afford to turn away business. And now you know you’ll never have to.

For more detailed information and product specs regarding the fasteners mentioned please download the whitepaper: 

 Download the Whitepaper: SCRAIL When Speed Matters

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