It’s Deck Building Season – What Builders Need to Know

It’s Deck Building Season – What Builders Need to Know

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Apr 6, 2024 8:15:00 AM
Brett McCutcheon

Nothing signals spring like the sound of birds chirping, and flowers blooming. If you're in a colder climate, watching the snow melt away to green grass can be as exciting as signing your first client of the year!bigstock-Sitting-Room-Area-On-Screened--135404189

No matter where you live, we can all agree that once spring arrives and temperatures rise, sitting outside on the deck enjoying a cold drink with family is one pastime we never get tired of.  It’s no secret why this is the time of year when those potential customers start calling for deck quotes. And today’s customers are savvier than ever.

Whether they're looking for wood or composite, they're going to be well-educated, armed with a plethora of ideas they've obtained from helpful planning or idea websites like Instagram or Pinterest. Ideas are one thing but turning them into reality can be another.  So, how do you go about convincing your customers that a deck is the best investment for them this spring?  Here’s some information that may be of use to you and your potential customers.

Here are a few reasons why building a deck or an outdoor living space is a wise investment:

  1. A wood deck will recoup more than 80% of its construction cost when you sell your home, according to Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report
  2. Because there’s no need for heating/cooling, framing, plumbing, etc., a deck is a much cheaper investment than having an addition built.
  3. Having an outdoor living space makes the home appear larger by creating a visual link between the interior and exterior spaces. Turning the back yard into a destination any homeowner, or buyer, is seeking more than ever before.

While these are some excellent reasons to "say yes to the deck," convincing your customer to BUILD that deck is only half the battle. You also need to convince them that YOU should build their deck - you need to persuade them that you are the right builder to handle their project. So how do you do this? Easy. You can offer them a deck built with integrity and superior quality materials that will be around for many seasons to come.

SCRAIL® fasteners, by BECK, can help you with your promise of building a good quality deck with a worthy value. They have many advantages over traditional screws and nails, here are a few:

  • SCRAIL® SPLITLESS® System - This system has been specially developed for the rapid installation of high-end decks and similar applications such as footpaths, boardwalks, etc. The specially designed blunt tip of the SCRAIL® greatly reduces wood splitting in both theScrail Splitless Cordless System deck layer and the substructure. For additional corrosion protection they are available in stainless steel or FasCoat®. The additional holding power of our patented Diamond Coating always comes standard on the SCRAIL® SPLITLESS.
  • SCRAIL® INVISIDECK® System - Blind fastening systems have become indispensable in modern decking installation. While conventional blind fastening systems require you to drive in screw after screw in a time-consuming process, you can do this up to 5 times faster and therefore more cost-effectively with the INVISIDECK® SCRAIL® nail screw and the pneumatic INVISIDECK® tool. Everything you need in one system for blind fastening!
  • Reduced Labor Costs – All of the SCRAIL® deck fasteners can be used with power-driven pneumatic, or cordless tools. These tools make installation quick and easy and twice as fast as using hand driven bulk screws. This not only saves you labor costs but also ensures you have customers who are happy that you finished their job on time.
  • Removeable and Reusable - All SCRAIL® fasteners are designed in a way that allows you to remove them, readjust and reuse them, all without damaging your decking material. This will allow you to deconstruct any portion of the deck to allow for adjustments, repairs, and to ensure a thorough paint job. It can then be put back together without the need for new deck fasteners. This could save your company a great deal of time and money.

Using BECK’s SCRAIL® fasteners in deck building can ensure your potential customer receives a high-quality deck they can enjoy for many years to come, at a fair and competitive price. See SCRAIL SPLITLESSׅ In Action


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