Take Care: Reduce Your Employees' Risk of Power Tool Related Work Injuries

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Oct 31, 2020 8:38:00 AM
Brett McCutcheon

Tool Related Work Injuries

Mankind has been using tools since the stone-age, although we have come a long way from using a flint arrow to hunt and cut straw for housing. However, as technology continues to evolve for power tools, so do the types of injuries that construction crews face on the job. As a business owner, one of your goals is to have a productive team and you can help  ensure this happens by providing crew members with tools that are designed to mitigate musculoskeletal – tendons, muscles, joints and nerves – injuries. Power hand tools designed with ergonomic features can help offset unfavorable wrist and hand positions, vibration, stress, fatigue and more to reduce injuries on the job.


Construction Related Hand Injuries  

While construction companies and their crews are aware of the major job-related safety risks they face, many do not think about smaller injuries that can be painful and potentially chronic. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is one workplace injury that is on the rise. CTS is a condition in which the tendons passing through the carpal tunnel -- a narrow channel of ligament that leads from the wrist to the hand -- become thickened and inflamed. This leads to pressure on a nerve, causing pain, numbness, and weakness in the hand. Caused by unnatural hand positions and repetitive actions, the results can lead to a construction crew member losing the ability to perform detailed, fine-motor tasks with the affected hand, and ultimately the ability to function on the job. CTS can be mitigated by taking regular breaks from using heavy power tools to allow circulation to recover, maintaining good posture, and reducing repetitive movements and vibration.  


Choose the Right Tool 

The common phrase, "work smarter, not harder," reigns very true when it comes to tools. Power tools enable construction crews get a job done much more efficiently and effectively, and workers utilize much less exertion and fewer repetitive movements than what is required by manual tools. The less stress a tool incurs on the body, the less likely it is to result in injury. Anti-vibration gloves are one way to help reduce movement and vibration from a power tool. Choosing a tool that is designed to reduce stress is a great way to work smarter. Features such as light weight, good weight balance and comfort grips, such as those found in the FASCO® F20 and F30 model staplers, help construction crews work smarter with fewer injuries.  


Use the Tool Correctly 

Power tools may be designed to help eliminate hand-related injuries, but proper usage is necessary to realize the benefits of the ergonomic features. Good hand placement and wrist posture are key. It is important to ensure that the wrist flexion and extension are normal, meaning the wrist maintains a natural posture or position. Think of it this way: you are likely not going to see the benefits of using an ergonomic keyboard if you are slouching in your chair. The same goes for having proper posture while using ergonomic power tools.  


Equip Your Workforce Properly 

If you are ready to increase productivity and reduce the potential for injuries with smarter, ergonomic power tools, FASCO® (a member of the BECK Group) tools are a great choice. The FASCO® F20 and F30 pneumatic staplers are balanced, light weight and outfitted with rubber comfort grips. Upgrade your crew’s power tools today and watch them attack jobs with a renewed energy. Take a look at the F20 and F30 pneumatic staplers offered by BECK America today. 


View the F20/F30 Models

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