6 Projects Where Staples Are Smarter Than Nails

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Jun 29, 2017 11:31:00 AM
Brett McCutcheon


Staples can offer superior finishing for projects where nails may not be the right fit. If your project requires quality power for holding two pieces of material together, staples are the way to go. They provide a strong visible grip that will last. The biggest advantages to using staples are that they’re quick and easy. Staple guns can install 4 staples before 1 nail is hammered in. Here are 6 projects where using staples is the smarter approach.

  1. Wire Fencing – Staples can be used to securely attach a variety of wire types in almost any regularly-used thickness. The staples from FASCO America® are made of hot dipped galvanized wire, with a generous outside coating of zinc for extended life. The points are sharp to ensure that they can be easily driven in to the most stubborn seasoned wood and will not come back out. The staples also have a patent-pending Diamond Coating to ensure excellent holding power.
  2. Roof Sheathing – While nails are the preferred fastener for shingles, the underlayment for your shingles can take advantage of the lightweight and quick installation of staples. The most important aspect of quality installation is making sure that the angle of entry is correct. This ensures your staple hold will be equal to that of a nail.
  3. Furniture Building – Nails can be used for smaller pieces of furniture or parts of the furniture that will be visible. Staples are good for your larger furniture projects, like the frame for a sectional or the backside of the entertainment system.
  4. House Wrap and Insulation – When looking for a quick and effortless way to attach underlying materials to plywood, staples are ideal. They give two points of attachment per fastener, ensuring your material doesn’t tear loose.
  5. Fabric – If you’re into restoration or upholstering, staples are perfect for installing batting, cushion material and fabric to a wood furniture frame.
  6. Lattice Work – Staples are the perfect fastener for lattice work. Lattice is often installed as a decorative feature around raised decks, that also functions to keep out critters. Staples are a fantastic way to ensure a flush, lasting hold to the deck posts.

Lots of builders overlook staplers when they're outfitting their pneumatic force. Considering their great holding power, low cost, quick installation and neat finish, they are missing out! With a variety ranging from narrow to wide, staples can provide a superior hold compared to nails in your toughest projects. Download our product brochure to ensure you’re completing the project right the first time, saving you and your clients time and money.

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