Keep Your Construction Crew Busy This Winter

Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Dec 2, 2023 7:15:00 AM
Brett McCutcheon

Keep Your Construction Crew Busy This Winter- BLOG

Winter is a time when many construction companies see a drop in consumer demand and a corresponding drop in revenue. While this can be a difficult time for some construction companies, there are things you can do to protect your business and keep your crew busy. Making the most of your winter months can help stabilize revenue and keep profits coming in.

Subfloor repair is a popular project to perform in winter. The SCRAIL® SUBLOC® PRO system from BECK can help keep your crew successfully working on subflooring. The system uses fasteners with specialized double threads for squeakless subfloors that helps keep screws in place. But before we explore subflooring further, let's delve into other options to make the most of your winter construction efforts and keep your business thriving. 

Finish Essential Outdoor Work Before Weather Turns

Some work just can't get done when it's too cold outside. From laying concrete to painting, trying to get some work done outside when it's cold or snowing just isn't practical. Watch the calendar and know the weather patterns in your area. Plan your projects around the harsh weather, so that when the weather truly turns, your exterior projects are complete. 

Focus on Interior Work When Temperatures Drop

When the temperature outside does drop, be ready to focus on interior projects. When clients approach you for interior work, schedule their projects for the upcoming winter months. Interior remodeling is an ideal service to promote during this period. Begin advertising these services well in advance, enticing homeowners to reach out for interior remodeling projects to be undertaken during the winter season.

Brush Up on New Skills

Use the winter season as an opportunity for your construction crew to sharpen their skills. This ensures productive use of time, especially during periods when work might be limited. If there's a requirement for continuing education to renew your state license, consider completing it during this time. Additionally, conduct safety training sessions to refresh your employees on the various skills they use in their work.

Offer In-Demand Services

Some services are in far more demand in winter than at other times of year. Offer these services to clients to keep your schedules full. If these services are new to you, consider offering a discount as you break into this market and develop a client base. In future years, it will be easier to charge full price. 


Heat is essential for safety and comfort at this time of year. Repair, replace, and maintain furnaces for homeowners striving to keep their homes warm in the dark, cold months of winter. 

Efficiency Audits and Upgrades

Many homeowners start to ask themselves why their homes feel so drafty and cold in winter. Performing efficiency audits can help them find the source of the problem, then you can offer repairs and insulation improvement services as needed.  

Waterproofing Subflooring

Waterproofing subflooring helps protect structures while also controlling moisture and stabilizing temperature in interior environments. This is especially important to many homeowners at this time of year.

Invest in the Right Tools

With more time on your hands, it’s an ideal moment to research your materials and tools to ensure your crew and clients have the best. To make your winter successful—especially if you plan to do subflooring work—consider BECK's SCRAIL® SUBLOC® PRO system, which allows for fast and straightforward installation of subfloors. It features special fasteners that utilize a special thread for resilient subfloors that resist squeaking over time. BECK makes three models to choose from:

Make subfloors that your clients can count on with BECK. 

Our Line of SCRAIL SubLoc PRO Systems

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