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Posted by Brett McCutcheon on Jan 3, 2024 10:06:12 AM
Brett McCutcheon

Packaging Line Efficiency Top Tips blog

In business, the goal is always to maximize profits—and while you can always develop new products or increase sales, one of the best ways to increase those profits is to maximize your efficiency.

The packaging line is one spot that can always be optimized, and in this post, we’ll show you different tips to increase packing speed and efficiency, reduce costs, and more so that you can improve your bottom line. We’re also going to showcase BECK’s Mezger® Stapling Head Systems, which can help you automate large parts of your packaging processes, letting you staple boxes, liners, and other packing materials quickly and easily.

1. Better Employee Training Improves Efficiency

Many facilities overlook employee training, preferring to spend less money on training hours in the belief that getting new employees to work faster will increase productivity. However, the reverse is true—proper training will give employees the tools and knowledge needed to work more efficiently and to handle machinery safely to prevent injuries or damage to the equipment. Even though training costs both time and money, it will end up saving you time and money in the long run.

2. Invest in Automation

Humans can only work so quickly—and that’s one of the reasons why businesses are always looking for ways to automate. Find ways to automate your packaging processes, and you’ll not only be able to pack and ship products faster, but you’ll also be able to free up a large portion of your workforce to focus on more important tasks that automated equipment is unable to do.

3. Keep Tabs on Your Supply Chain

One of the biggest obstacles on the packing line? Someone forgot to order new cartons, you’ve run out of banding, or there isn’t enough plastic left to wrap products. Make sure your team has people in charge of monitoring supply levels so that they can ensure a continuous supply of the materials you need. Even better, wherever possible, keep a backup supply of packing materials at the ready so that you don’t face disruptions should one of your suppliers ship late due to issues on their end.

4. Don’t Skip Preventive Maintenance

In many places, maintenance only happens once there is a breakdown—and that’s a good way to guarantee that not only will your packing line equipment experience breakdowns, but they’ll happen unexpectedly. Routine maintenance is crucial not only because it helps you prevent major breakdowns before they happen, but also for a couple of other reasons, too:

  • Routine maintenance helps keep machinery in the best condition possible, which allows it to function more efficiently, saving you both time and money.
  • Routine maintenance also helps you to keep tabs on the age and condition of your equipment so that you can stay on top of any concerning upgrades and replacements.

5. Figure Out Ways to Run Products of Different Sizes

Most facilities produce a variety of products in different shapes and sizes—and your packaging line should be designed to accommodate these variances. Invest in flexible equipment that allows you to create secure packaging in a range of shapes and sizes so that making the switch between different types of packaging doesn’t cause a major slowdown while workers set up different machinery to handle different products.

Invest in the Right Equipment—Mezger® Stapling Head Systems

The right equipment will help you accomplish many of the things we’ve listed here. The Mezger® Stapling Head Systems from BECK, for example, are tools that are easy to use—and easy to install as part of your packaging line. They come with built-in mounting brackets, and you can choose between different options for right-hand or left-hand loading, different stroke, and feed paths, and more, all so that you can fasten staples in any position necessary.

With the Mezger® Stapling Head Systems, you can fully automate package stapling. They’re ideal for carton closing, stapling liners into place, or fastening cartons to pallets and crates ahead of shipping.

If you’d like to learn more about these stapling head systems, visit the link below👇!

Our Line of Mezger Stapling Head Systems

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